Mameā„¢ Raspberry Pi 4 benchmarks

The current batch of benchmarks is run with the default gcc8 flags, no attempt has been made to exploit the newer instructions available on RPi4 yet.

The main target of these benchmarks right now is to track performance over time in Mame version. I'm not mad enough to run Mame on a Raspberry Pi, but understand why others do it and want to keep a realistic dataset about how feasible it is.

The idea for these benchmarks comes from ChoccyHobNob who made runs on Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3 and can be found in the Wayback Machine. The benchmarks on this page used exactly the same configuration where possible so that they are comparable, and all the same games have been run. Where possible the games included in john_iv's continuously updated benchmark run on modern PCs have also been included in this benchmark, but a few games are so slow that they are unfeasible to run on the current generation of RPi.

Benchmarking environment


Preliminary Intel benchmarks